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Quality Home Care Of Virginia Opens
By O. T. Holen  

When interviewing a new employee for her in-home health care business Cori Tetto always asks herself a very important question.

“Would I want this person in my home---would I want this person caring for my parents?”

Moving here in 1999 from New Jersey, Cori has worked in health care for most of her adult life.

“ I've always loved the Piedmont, central Virginia area,” Cori explains. “It reminds me of Germany where I was born. I left there when I was 5 years old and whenever I visited this area it was always so calming and enjoyable.  So I knew where I wanted to retire.”

Cori says she ran across Lake Monticello by accident but knew very quickly this was where she wanted to live; and where she could do all the things retired people can do once they no longer have to hold down a regular job.

“But I became restless and went to work for LMOA as a resident liaison---welcoming new people to the lake. I did that for 3 years.”

In 2004 Cori decided she wanted to get back into the healthcare business---something she enjoyed and missed.

“I looked around a bit,” Cori continued, “and discovered this home health care company in the area, called them up, explained I had a lot of experience with management, re-organization and marketing. I asked if there was something I could do for them.”

As it happened this was a business having difficulties and they were delighted to have Cori's help.

In less than a year I was able to double their income. “ But, while the business owners were more than happy to implement a great many of Cori's recommendations there were numerous suggestions that “fell on deaf ears.”
These were important changes they needed to make and they weren't interested,” Cori continued. “I talked about it with my (adult) sons and they suggested I simply start my own company.”

In November of 2007 Cori left and did start her own company---Quality Home Care Of Virginia.

It took about 7 months to put it all together,” Cori explained, “but this last summer---a few months ago---we started hiring workers and opened our doors. We're employing about 30 people at this time.”

“We have two absolute-no exceptions policies,” Cori continued, “if a worker, even once, fails to show up and doesn't call to explain ('no show, no call') that person has 'no job.'” The other policy is 'no crime history.' It doesn't matter if it was just one misdemeanor 30 years ago, we don't want that person no matter how well qualified they are otherwise.”

Other points of pride Cori shared include paying workers a living wage---an hourly wage they can survive on (but at the same time billing clients competitively) and a complete background check.

“We do drug screening, a through criminal history check through the Virginia State Police, we demand two forms of ID, all licenses and certifications are confirmed through the Virginia Department Of Health, we demand yearly TB tests and Flu shots, references are checked, potential employees are given skills testing, we have a dress code and we provide an extensive orientation and on-going training.”

The phone number for Quality Home Care Of Virginia is 434-589-3050.

The website is www.qualityhomecareofvirginia.com. 
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