Welcome to our testimonial page.

     It has been such a blessing to know that our company has accomplished it's goal to not only provide Quality Services but Peace of Mind as well.  One son writes that he is so lucky "that you are in our lives" and goes on to say that "you are such good companions" and that he can sleep at night, "just knowing you are there."  Please feel free to review our services through those and their families that have received them. 
                      Thank You for choosing Quality Home Care.

"The response I was given was excellent. The caregiver was Super!
I am satisfied with the quality of care received"
DC - Palmyra, Virginia

"The overall attention I received was excellent.  The caregiver was very attentive to my family members needs. I am completely satisfied with the overall quality of care we received.  Can't find a thing to improve on - you guys are a class act!"
LL - Palmyra, Virginia

"The care my husband received was a testimony to the name of this agency, Quality Home Care.  The caregiver was excellent, she was responsible caring and pleasant company for my husband. There weren't any unfavorable issues, I would readily pass along recommendations to anyone requiring home care."
JH - Palmyra, Virginia

"The caregiver was excellent, she knew right where to go and had my dad follow all instructions before his CT scan."     Thank You!
DC - Palmyra, Virginia

"I want to give you and your team a giant thank you for the way yesterday's travel situation was handled.  Getting my father safely home while, at the same time, providing care for my mother, and doing so under very chaotic and changing conditions, was no small thing.  My family and I are very grateful."
EK - Charlottesville, Virginia

"The overall attention and response I receive is excellent.  The flexability of the program for my mother's care is outstanding.  It perfectly meets her needs while maintaining her independence.  The care provider selection was superb.  She is the perfect personality for my mother."
MB - Haymarket, Virginia.

"The caregiver ensured that mom was happy and well taken care of.......  My mom could easily have become despondent because we were gone, but when we returned she was very happy ."
NL - Palmyra, Virginia.
"As you know, I have been trying to get my aunt to move closer or in with me.  Although I have not been successful, I am glad she is well taken care of by your staff.  They have given me peace of mind, and her former aide, is and will continue to be part of the family.  Three cheers to you and your staff."
GO - Fredericksburg, Virginia.
"We had a wonderful visit.  Dad enjoyed your gifts and our birthday celebration.  Thank You for bringing such a wonderful team of caregivers into Dad's life and making sure he is well taken care of.  His home is a clean, well organized and harmonious place.  Thank You from all of us."
B - California.
"As I think you know, I am happy to provide positive feedback.  My parents recently told me that the comments I sent to you about my birthday dinner were shared and appreciated.  I think you and I are going to need to work together to come up with something that does justice to your company and your employees.
As you well know, most people would rather complain than say something nice.  I think with my parents, the lack of complaining is a glowing review.  I think we can surely say that the quality of both their lives has been improved.  I can also say that I feel good about the way that your folks look after them and therefore the quality of my life is also improved."
EK - Charlottesville, Virginia
"Our family is very pleased with the outstanding service that is being provided to our mother by Quality Home Care of Virginia, Inc. The team of professionals that interact with mom are considerate, efficient and trustworthy.
They are genuine with their help."
AB - Brooklyn, New York
"I am thrilled how dad is thriving under the care of your company.  He is always cheerful and alert.  He loves their cooking and all the attention he gets.  It especially puts my mind to ease when I am so far away and have not gotten there, because of having to deal with weather and flight cancellations.  Tell everyone how much this means to us."
LB - Stockton, Calif.
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the quality care and love you have shown our father.  We have gone through alot these last few years with dad and his ongoing care.  At times we weren't sure if we, his kids, would make it.  Nothing can prepare you for dealing with an aging parent and the logistics of his kids.  Dad chose to be at Lake Monticello and we were truly blessed to have your company and dedicated employees to rely on for his care and support.  Dad seems to be in such a better place at this time in his life than he was a couple of years ago.  He seems happy and more attentive.  We attribute this to your caring staff and company.  Thank you again for all you do."
SP - Goose Neck, North Carolina
"Both my husband and I would like to advise you of what an excellent job your worker has done in providing assistance to us over the past 4 weeks.  You should be extremely pleased at how she represents Quality Home Care of Virginia, Inc."
BK - Palmyra, Virginia
"The workers sent to me were well above average, I was very satisfied with the over-all quality of care my mother received.
Thank You so much for helping through that very difficult time."
KJ - Bremo Bluff, Virginia
"The attention and time spent in setting up my care was sufficient, and I was very satisfied with the over-all quality of care my husband received.   Your worker was excellent, professional and very caring."
ES - Palmyra, Virginia
"I do appreciate all your company does for my parents' situation.  As you always say, I must feel like I have done everything possible so that my father is well taken care of.  Having people taking care of my father that he likes is a very important factor to him getting the best in-home care possible."
Much Thanks,
PG - Brooklyn, New York
"I'm sorry that our relationship has been so short.  You were indeed correct that you had the perfect person picked out as a good match for mom.  She has done a truly outstanding job!  Thank You again, Cori.  My best wishes for you and for your business."  "I intend to place a very positive rating on your services..."
KH - Troy, Virginia
"Thank You so much for matching us up with such a wonderful
CD - Palmyra, Virginia